ROSE Transactions
We implement sales and purchases of companies. We will look for the right counterparty, prepare everything necessary and arrange a transaction from A to Z.

ROSE Transactions

For years we have assisted our clients in situations where they are considering fundamental transactions in relation to their corporate or significant real estate assets. Sometimes the goal is to sell, sometimes to buy, or then it is a matter of attracting a strategic or financial investor. With some of the clients, we can simply help in fulfilling the request with which they approached us. In other cases, it was different. Together and fundamentally, we rethought the envisaged transactions again, discussed them extensively, paying special attention to all the effects that each of the possible options would have on the assets, the entrepreneurial activity, the family and the client himself. In the end, the client often opted for a different approach than the one with which he originally came to us. This is also because we found that his original plan would not make him happier. And that's what this is ultimately about.


Identifying target companies I Addressing owners I Analyzing target companies I Preparing indicative offers I Detailed due diligence I Detaillierte Due Diligence I Conducting negotiations I Securing bank financing I Preparing contractual documentation I Supervising execution


Company valuation I Preparing company presentation I Identifying possible buyers I Addressing possible buyers I Negotiating with buyers until the final agreement I Preparing contractual documentatio I Supervising execution


Preparing strategy and goals of the handover I Communicating with children/managers in order to gain support I Preparing handover project I Controlling handover process I Preparing contractual documentation I Supervising implementation


Analyzing current situation and specification of the owner's expectations I Developing strategy for preparation of the company I Optimizing structure and corporate governance I Revising management structure I Organizing further necessary adjustments


Defining goals and priorities of the project I Company valuation I Preparing offers I Identifying possible partners I Approaching potential partners I Leading negotiations I Preparing contractual documentation I Supervising implementation

Our clients include both those who know exactly what type of transaction they want to carry out, as well as those who only have the feeling that a change is inevitable so that they become satisfied, happy again. Sometimes the time is right to take concrete action. Sometimes it's just the desire to take on a new role. It happens that it has become "boring", that there is a lack of resources, or that the right time has come to hand over the company to the descendants or to a third party. Sometimes we meet when we have enough time. But sometimes it is a bit or even very late. It's worth starting on time.

The spectrum of entrepreneurial activity is wide. That is why we work together with proven experts if necessary, especially on questions about company valuations, evaluations of technological equipment, know-how, market positions, possible further developments, as well as questions relating to additional specific areas.

The purchase, sale and handover of companies, or the entry of a partner are as diverse as the companies concerned and their areas of activity themselves. In addition, the topic is always extremely important and ultimately personal. It would not be useful to go into further detail on this website. If you are currently thinking about the future fate of your company, we would be more than happy to hold a non-binding meeting. Should we find together that you like our “worldview”, we will agree on a concrete further procedure.


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